Privacy Policy

Thavathiru Yoga Retreat’s Rules and Regulations:

  1. Attendance to all classes and meditations, morning and evening, is mandatory.  If for any reasons a student need to absent, have to inform to the teacher. A continued non attendance to classes can determine the abandonment of the course.
  2. Thavathiru Yoga is dedicated to creating a more conscious and compassionate world. Our mission is to create a safe and sacred environment to promote spirituality, ethical behavior, respect and trust.
  3. The student’s behavior and attitude, while at the retreat, should respect traditional Indian culture and enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the retreat center.
  4. Students should maintain an atmosphere encouraging mutual respect, civil and congenial relationships and free from all forms of harassment and violence, where everyone can discuss their differences and exchange ideas openly, honestly and respectfully.
  5. Students should use respectful language with each other. Any negative gossiping, spreading of rumors may result to expulsion from the course.
  6. It is forbidden to consume meat, fish, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, black tea and eggs. It will not be possible to take care of special or personalized diets, only lacto-vegetarian meals will be provided daily.
  7. You should bring a Yoga mat, meditation cushion, blanket,  toiletries, towel, notebook and pen, warm and comfortable clothing, bathing suit, torch , slippers, comfortable shoes for walking, raincoat, umbrella, sun block and insect repellent.
  8. Students should not make public displays of affection. Public nudity is forbidden. Celibacy as part of the spiritual discipline is encouraged while staying at the retreat center. Modest dress (shoulders, midriff and legs covered) should be maintained at all times including asana classes.
  9. Students should not leave the retreat center premises without permission of the director. 
  10. Lights are out after 10:00pm.
  11. Participation in scheduled classes, karma yoga and meditation is mandatory.

Refund Policy:

  1. All fees are non-refundable in any circumstances.
  2. All fees are payable before the course starts or the given due date, in case of nonpayment in time the registration may be cancelled and the deposit may be forfeited.
  3. If the transfer of registration is requested less than 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the course.
  4. Once the course has started only in case of serious medical issue or sickness a credit note will be issued for the unused portion of the fees. This credit note is good for one year from the date of issue.
  5. If a student is expelled from the course due to non observance of retreat center rules/ regulations then no refund can be claimed.
  6. In case the course is rescheduled or cancelled due to any circumstances. Thavathiru Yoga’s liability is limited to the refund of deposited fees only.
  7. In case of cancellation or rescheduling of the course by the Thavathiru Yoga, students have the choice to transfer to another course or to receive a full refund of the paid fees. Our liability is limited to the refund of the deposited fees only.