Yoga Teacher Training

“Thavathiru Yoga – Yoga Teacher Training School” is a yoga teacher training school that was established in 2018. This school is noteworthy for being reorganized or recognized by the Yoga Alliance USA.

The Yoga Alliance is a widely recognized and respected organization in the yoga community that sets standards for yoga teacher training programs. Schools and teachers that meet the Yoga Alliance’s criteria are considered to offer high-quality yoga teacher training. This recognition can be important for individuals who want to become certified yoga instructors and for those seeking reputable and comprehensive yoga education.

“Thavathiru Yoga – Yoga Teacher Training School” would likely adhere to the Yoga Alliance’s guidelines and standards for teacher training programs, ensuring that students receive proper training and education in yoga. This may include in-depth instruction in yoga philosophy, asanas (postures), anatomy, teaching methodology, and more.

Thavathiru Yoga teacher training is a comprehensive program designed to prepare individuals to become certified yoga instructors. learn about yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodologies, and gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a yoga teacher. The 200-hour program is the most common and serves as the foundational level, while the 300 and 500-hour programs offer more advanced training.