Meditation and Yoga Retreat’s

This retreat is based on the Mindful and Heartful yoga practices as a way of life. Mindful and Heartful yoga are practices that facilitate a change of direction and habits of life, reorienting us back to the essential, developing a strong, stable and balanced mind, strengthening your self-esteem, your immune system, your body and health in general, reconnecting again with your most essential and intimate self. If you want to make yoga and meditation your way of life, understanding yoga and meditation as the search for balance in everything you do and feel, this is the retreat you need. You can add or subtract practices depending on the depth of practice you need at this point in your life. At Thavathiru Yoga we help you to adapt the practice of meditation and yoga to your physical condition and needs.

Daily Schedule

  • 06:06 – 07:07 : Meditation, Pranayama
  • 07:07 – 08:08 : Tea Time and self Practice
  • 08:08 – 09:09 : Asanas Practices
  • 09:09 – 10:10 : Brunch
  • 11:11 – 12:12 : Yoga Philosophy / Dance
  • 12:12 – 13:13 : Free time / Private coaching
  • 14:14 – 16:16 : Fruits / Snacks and Free Time
  • 16:16 – 18:18 : open Aerial Yoga Classes
  • 19:19– 20:20 : Dinner / Nature Walk
  • 20:20 – 21:21 : Video Shows / Chanting / Music / Dance / Meditation
  • 22:22 : Silence / Self-Reflection

Pricing for Yoga Retreat

For Twin-Share Accommodation:

Twin-Share Room : 15000 INR, Private Room : 30000 INR
Female students can book the twin-share accommodation online and we will find another female student to share the room. For male students, please book twin-share room online only if you have a partner to share the room. If not, please email to to place you on the wait-list. Whenever we hear from another male student wanting to share a room, we will email you back with a link to register.