Dance and Music, Yoga Retreat’s

This Dance, music and Yoga Retreat’s great opportunity to live learn for a week, Whether you’re a beginner who’s just starting out or an advanced dancer looking for in-depth training, consider your dance goals now within reach. this course Yoga and dance class is a mix of postures to build strength and postures to build balance and clarity.

be focus on modern yoga practice and try not to take anything too seriously. Have fun with the postures and enjoy the sensations you feel in your body. That being said, if something doesn’t feel right in a particular posture, do not force it. Listen to your body and take any modifications you feel necessary.

We will end the class with a Positive Affirmation Meditation. Positive Affirmations are phrases we repeat to ourselves to try and change the thought pattern in our subconscious mind. The subconscious is super powerful and to change the negative thoughts we may have there we need to consistent with re-programming it. The meditation is less than 5 minutes and is a simple and peaceful way to end your practice. Close your eyes, listen and repeat. 

Breath at your own pace baring in mind what feels natural for your body and your rhythm. There is no perfect practice and we are all at different stages in our physical, emotional and spiritual body, so enjoy the session and leave feeling proud of your progress!

What do you get in this retreat’s?

  • Meditation: twice daily, various guided techniques
  • Morning practice: intensive asanas and pranayamas
  • Evening practice: mixed level asana and pranayama
  • Dance practice
  • Philosophy
  • one Ayurveda treatment
  • Detox: Kapalabhati.
  • Video Shows: Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian Culture etc.
  • Chanting: Twice a week
  • Sun Salutations on the final day


  • Daily yoga classes
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • One Ayurvedic treatment
  • Daily mantra chanting, meditation, asana, anatomy, and philosophy
  • Free excursions in and around Pondicherry
  • 7 nights accommodation in Retreat’s center
  • 2 fresh organic vegetarian meals
  • Beach Yoga Classes
  • A visit to Mathimanthir
  • A visit to sadhana forest
  • A visit to Swaram

Daily Schedule

  • 06:06 – 07:07 am : Meditation, Pranayama
  • 07:07 – 08:08 am: Tea Time and self Practice
  • 08:08 – 09:09 am: Asanas Practices
  • 09:09 – 10:10 am: Brunch
  • 11:11 – 12:12 pm: Yoga Philosophy / Dance
  • 12:12 – 13:13 pm: Free time / Private coaching
  • 14:14 – 16:16 pm: Fruits / Snacks and Free Time
  • 16:16 – 18:18 pm: open Yoga Classes
  • 19:19– 20:20 pm: Dinner / Nature Walk
  • 20:20 – 21:21 pm: Video Shows / Chanting / Music / Dance / Meditation
  • 10:00 pm – 10:00 am: Silence / Self-Reflection

Please note : This beginner yoga retreat will be running in parallel with other yoga retreats. When the number of students is less than 5, we may combine the morning meditation / philosophy class with other groups. Yoga classes for Beginners area always separate.

Pricing for Yoga Retreat

For Twin-Share Accommodation:

Twin-Share Room : 20000 INR

Private Room : 45000 INR

Female students can book the twin-share accommodation online and we will find another female student to share the room.

For male students, please book twin-share room online only if you have a partner to share the room. If not, please email to to place you on the wait-list. Whenever we hear from another male student wanting to share a room, we will email you back with a link to register.